Started in 1933, Josephine Memorial Park Association, doing business as Hillcrest Memorial Park, is a non-profit, endowment care cemetery. Although it owns 35 scenic acres in the northeast section of Grants Pass, less than half of the property is developed to date. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees whose members are part of our local community, committed to seeing Hillcrest Memorial Park as the premier cemetery in Southern Oregon.

What does this mean to you?

Anyone purchasing a grave, niche or crypt becomes an owner and is entitled to vote for the Board of Trustees at the Annual Membership meeting that takes place in February each year. Also, each time a grave, niche or crypt is sold, a portion of the sale proceeds is placed in an irrevocable endowment care trust fund. The cemetery is entitled to receive the net income from the trust, leaving the principal to grow each year, which means there will perpetually be funds available to maintain the beauty of the park, even after the last grave space, niche and crypt has been sold.

Our family would like to thank you for helping us so much with the burial of my dad, Harold. You made a very difficult time bearable for us.

Vicky, Areland, Denice, Terry, & Edith

Thank you Beverly, for all the help you gave in getting the burial lot for Bobby. We appreciated your kindness so much. Also, for the time you spent at the site on the day for his burial.

Doris J. & Family

We would like to thank you for your professionalism in handling the grave sight burial of our mother, Lillian. It was just beautiful. We will miss her deeply. Please thank everyone involved as well.

Fred B.